About Me

Hey foodies,

I am Ashwini, welcome to my little world of food blogging. I would like you guys to know a little about me.

After finishing my B.E from Mysore,India I have been working in IT from 2007 in Bangalore. The thought of entering kitchen was at bay (would consider it a boring task assigned to housewives ;) ).But it all started after marriage. Though cooking was not my initial interest it gradually started to amaze me with the fact that cooking can bring out the creativity in you. Once I started experimenting new dishes, passion towards cooking reached a new high.

I really started enjoying this beautiful art of cooking. Calling mom day and night for recipes and goolgling out new crazy recipes had become a routine. Appreciation from family and friends started pouring in, which gave a boost to my confidence.
Cooking was a real surprise to family who would think that it was not my cup of tea. This is how my journey of cooking started.
I Have special corner for baking too.

Friends and family started calling me up for recipes and some suggestions came along it too (Start a BLOG , start a BLOG !!!!). So I thought why not if it helps people??? I was not aware of blogging at all, but out of curiosity blogging journey started too.
I must say I am enjoying photography and blogging as much as cooking. Am happy that I gave it a try. But it is not easy to juggle between work and cooking. But there is some kind of joy when I cook and its liked by family which keeps me going through this busy schedule :).

Recipes are  from various sources mom, mom in law, friends, internet, my creativity etc. In short this blog is repository of recipes that I have tried in my kitchen and liked by family and friends.I really think we can do anything if we are interested and put efforts towards it. So go catch your dream :)

Happy cooking

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