Cold Coffee Recipe | How To Make Cold Coffee

As the name says cold coffee is a colder version of coffee made using milk.It is very easy and quick drink to make.

Cold Coffee Recipe | How To Make Cold Coffee

Frankly saying I never liked hot coffee . I always preferred tea over coffee. First of all I never knew about coffee till I came to Mysore for my studies.
We always had tea at home and I love hot tea :).When I had coffee for first time , I did not like it.So I had made up my mind that I don't like coffee.

Cold Coffee Recipe | How To Make Cold Coffee

But one day when I went to Cafe Coffee Day with my friends in Bangalore, friends asked me to give a try for this cold coffee.As I said before, I thought I will not like it, but thought to give a try. But to my surprise, I really loved it. I was so happy :)..
But I never thought of making it at home until my cooking craze started. I searched over the internet and got many recipes. I tried sometimes with ice creams on it, sometimes without. I really started liking cold coffee :).
Here goes my version of cold coffee. Everyone should try at least once even if you don't like hot coffee like me ;).

Cold Coffee Recipe | How To Make Cold Coffee

Prep time: Total time:

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Cold Coffee
Serves: 2

2 tsp Instant Coffee powder
3 Tbsp Hot Water
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 Cup Full Cream Milk/Whole Milk
1/4 Cup Icecream
Chocolate syrup as needed(Homemade recipe here
4-5 Ice Cubes

1.In a bowl take hot water and add coffee powder and Sugar to it.Mix well till the sugar dissolves. Let it cool down.
2.In a Blender add Milk,Ice Cream,3-4 Tbsp Coffee mixture(from step 1),ice cubes and blend until frothy.
3.Take a serving glass and add some chocolate syrup to wall of the glass to make some patterns.
4.Now Pour in the cold cofee to serving glass and top with chocolate syrup.
5.Serve Immediately.

1.You can skip ice cream while blending. [I did not use ice cream to keep on lesser calorie side ;)]
2.You can even top cold coffee with ice cream or whipped cream.
3.Vary Sugar,coffee mixture as per your taste.
4.If you do not have instant coffee powder, boil the coffee with water and strain and use the mixture.

Do try and share your experience by comments here or my Facebook page
I would love to hear from you all :)
Happy Cooking....

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