Egg Curry with CashewNut Tomato Recipe | How to make Egg Masala with Cashew Nut Tomato

Egg Curry with CashewNut Tomato Recipe

This egg curry is simple and quickly prepared using tomato puree and cashew nut paste. It is incredibly rich and tasty!

Its been many days I have not prepared egg curry and I see Fridge is loaded with eggs. So I thought to make this very easy and yummy egg masala. I have tried this many times and every time I love it. This goes very well with rice as well as rotis.
I want to use all eggs in the fridge before I go home. Yes!!! I am going home :). I am super excited to run home to attend my brother's wedding. Before I start daydreaming about home lets relish this delicious egg curry :)

Coastal Rava Fish Fry Recipe | How to make Tawa Fish Fry

Coastal Rava Fish Fry Recipe

Rava Fish fry is unique and special dish from coastal area. Fish is marinated with red paste and then coated with Rava(sooji) and shallow fried.

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