Egg Curry with CashewNut Tomato Recipe | How to make Egg Masala with Cashew Nut Tomato

Egg Curry with CashewNut Tomato Recipe

This egg curry is simple and quickly prepared using tomato puree and cashew nut paste. It is incredibly rich and tasty!

Its been many days I have not prepared egg curry and I see Fridge is loaded with eggs. So I thought to make this very easy and yummy egg masala. I have tried this many times and every time I love it. This goes very well with rice as well as rotis.
I want to use all eggs in the fridge before I go home. Yes!!! I am going home :). I am super excited to run home to attend my brother's wedding. Before I start daydreaming about home lets relish this delicious egg curry :)

Coastal Rava Fish Fry Recipe | How to make Tawa Fish Fry

Coastal Rava Fish Fry Recipe

Rava Fish fry is unique and special dish from coastal area. Fish is marinated with red paste and then coated with Rava(sooji) and shallow fried.

Oats Carrot Muthia Recipe | How to make Oats Carrot Muthia

Muthia is gujarati dish where grated/chopped vegetables are binded using flours .The dough is steamed and tempered in golden flames to give it a delectable touch.

Oats Carrot Muthia Recipe

Few months ago in my quest for healthiest delicacies  I came across nutritious Muthia in spusht blog. It literally filled me with amaze, it was a perfect amalgamation of taste and nutrition.
Later upon exploration of varieties of Muthia I tried my hand on finest of them.I must say Muthias are really tasty and one can't resist their taste buds without having whole chunk in a gulp.

These days Oats are my weapon to fight the lethargies of languid day( just to start the day on healthy side ;) ). Instead of having  monotonous oats porridge daily, I tried out copious oats recipes just to get you guys this scintillating oats Muthia. This nutritious and unbelievably delicious recipe will no doubt make your fingers numb in quench to have every single bit of it .. do try and enjoy(you will never believe it's made of oats) :)

Chocolate Panna Cotta Recipe | How to make Chocolate PannaCotta

 Chocolate Panna Cotta Recipe
Panna Cotta is an Italian Desert prepared using cream,milk ,sugar and set using gelatin. It has a smooth and creamy texture just like pudding. This can be beautifully complimented by rich flavour of chocolate which I have tried to accomplish in here.
I have not got much of a chance to treat mom dad with my cooking skills ;). So I thought why not now when they are here at my home. So here is something special to them. I had less time to do since we were busy with shopping and stuffs.But panna cotta is so easy to prepare and needs very less ingredients. So decided to do this and happy that they liked it. 
Here goes chocolate panna cotta for all chocolate lovers...

Instant Amla Pickle Recipe | Indian Gooseberry Pickle | How to Make Amla achar

Amla Pickle Recipe or Indian Gooseberry Pickle
This Amla pickle/achar or Indian gooseberry pickle is one of the easiest and instant pickle recipe.
Amla(Indian Gooseberry) is rich in vitamin C and very good for health. I have never done anything using amla but mom used to prepare this instant pickle and dry candies.We as kids always loved these candies and pickles.Hope to make candies soon :).
I had got amla 2 days back and mom is here :). So with the help of mom I did this instant pickle. It is very tasty and goes well with curd rice and parathas. Hope you all like it too.

Sprouts Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa Recipe | How to make Sprouts Dosa (Pesarattu)

Sprouts Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa Recipe Pesarattu

Sprouts dosa also known as pesarattu is popular breakfast recipe from andhra pradesh. It is very nutritious dosa made from green gram (sprouts). This is one of the healthy recipe I found and it can be served with coconut chutney or any chutney you like :).
Today I served with tomato chutney. I must say it was tasty combination.

Instant Tomato Green chilly chutney Recipe | How to make tomato green chilly chutney

Instant Tomato Green chilly chutney Recipe
This instant tomato chutney is made with just 2 main ingredients tomato and green chilly. Being South Indian most of the time I prefer coconut chutney to dosa . But this chutney saves me during busy weekdays keeping tastebuds active :) . It is really quick to make yet healthy and tasty.

Banana Oats cookies Recipe | How to make Oats banana cookies

Banana Oats cookies Recipe
Do you love cookies? But worried about extra pounds?? :). These energy bites comes to help your tastebuds ;)
Just 2 main ingredients and ready in few minutes..Sounds interesting right??
These are soft and chewy in texture.Without much wait here comes banana oats cookies.

Kadhai Vegetables Recipe | How to make kadhai / kadai vegetables

Kadhai/kadai  Vegetables Recipe
After eating so many sweets during Diwali festival, I wanted to eat some vegetables.
I love to eat vegetables with spiced flavor. so here comes kadai vegetables where vegetables are cooked with spices.

Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe | Sweetened Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk
Condensed Milk is milk from which water is removed and sweetened with sugar.
This is used in many Indian Desserts/Sweets. As we know festival season has started now, i was thinking why can't i do this at home and do the desserts. Because I can do quantity how much I want and any day homemade is better than store bought. So here it goes....
I made this in 2 ways.1)Quick way using milk powder  and 2) Traditional Indian way using milk.
Trust me both tastes same. :) 
So here goes the recipe in both ways

Pepper Chicken Recipe | How to Make Pepper Chicken Masala

Pepper Chicken
Pepper Chicken is one of the spicy and mouthwatering dish made from Pepper and other spices. I have used coconut milk too. This gives special flavour to it. It is just awesome awesome. I tried many times making this dish but somehow I was not happy with result. But after making so many trials , finally i got it. It was just perfect for me :). Best part is , it goes with rice as well as roti/chapati. Here it goes :)..

Chana Masala Recipe | How to make Chana Masala (No Coconut)

Chana Masala

Chana masala also called as Chole masala is popular Punjabi dish made from white chickpeas.
We can make this dish using coconut or without coconut. Here I am making Chana Masala without coconut. It is absolutely mouth watering dish. It will go with any Indian breads or even with rice.
I made kulcha along with this. Awesome combination. Just loved it.

Kulcha Recipe | How to make Kulcha

Kulcha Recipe
Kulcha is famous Indian bread specially made in North India. Being South indian, I love to have north Indian foods specially naan, kulcha with curries. So thought to make kulcha with Chana Masala. I must say, it is an awesome combination. I loved it. I am sure you will love it too.

Instant Rava Dosa Recipe | How to Make Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa

Have u forgotten to make dosa batter ? no time to ferment batter? No need to worry, rava dosa saves u :). Rava Dosa is popular South Indian breakfast. It is quick and instant breakfast. It helps me during hurry burry weekdays :)..So here goes Rava dosa ...

Coconut Chutney recipe | How to make Coconut Chutney South Indian Style

Coconut Chutney

This is typical South Indian coconut chutney. We eat this with almost every breakfast either it is dosa,idly or anything else :).
Its been many days I have not done it. Always hurry burry breakfasts on weekdays.
But today being holiday I was craving to have some nice dosa and chutney and tea.Sometimes simple things makes life heaven :).
So Coconut chutney comes to the blog ;)....

Black Forest Cake Recipe | How to make Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake is German Dessert  made using chocolate cake , whipped cream and cherries.
This is my all time favourite cake. Wanted to bake this for my friend for her birthday but unfortunately she is out of town. But I baked it for myself :).wanted some reason to bake and me and my hubby finished in no time :)..So here it goes ...

Black Forest Cake


1/2 cup Cake Flour (1/2 cup Maida/All purpose Flour - 1 Tbsp Maida + 1 Tbsp Corn Flour)
1/4 cup Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup Sugar
3 Eggs
1 Tbsp Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Sugar Syrup:
1/4 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Water
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence

Whipped Cream:
1 cup Whipping Cream
Sugar as per taste

Lets make Cake
1.In a bowl sift the Flour,Cocoa powder,Baking powder and salt. Keep aside.
2.Seperate the egg yolks and whites.
Black Forest Cake

3.Beat the egg whites using hand mixer till it becomes fluffy. Keep aside.
4.Now beat the egg yolk with sugar till it becomes creamy.Mix Butter and Vanilla essence to it.
5.Fold in the yolk mixture to egg white(step 3) gently.
Black Forest Cake

6.Now Fold in the 1/3 rd of Flour mixture(step 1) at a time to this gently using spatula/whisk. Don't over mix. Mix once or twice.
7.Preheat the oven at 180 degree. I heat the microwave with convection mode for 7 minutes at 180 degree.
8.Grease the cake pan with oil and sprinkle flour .
9.Once all the Flour is folded into liquid mixture put the batter into greased cake pan.
10.once the oven is preheated keep the cake pan and bake at 180 degree for 20 minutes.(convection mode)
11.Keep checking after 20 minutes. Bake till toothpick inserted at centre of cake comes clean.
12.Cake is ready.Let it cool down.

Black Forest Cake

Lets Make the Syrup when cake is getting ready:
1.Add the sugar and water and bring it to boil.
2.Switch off and add vanilla essence and allow it to cool completely.
3.You can prepare it well in advance and refrigerate it.

Lets Make the Whipped Cream:
1.Take the whipping cream in bowl. It will be better if we chill the bowl and beater in advance.
2.Beat the cream till it starts to hold peaks.
3.Add in sugar and beat until stiff peaks formed.
4.Don't over beat.It might turn into butter if you overbeat.

Black Forest Cake

Lets Assemble Cake:
1.Divide the  Cake into 2 parts by cutting at the centre of the cake horizontally. Keep the flat part of the cake to be on top while assembling.(which is the bottom of cake mould)
2.Keep the other side of the cake into serving plate and drizzle cake with 2 tbsp sugar syrup. Allow it to soak for 5 minute. Meanwhile drizzle top part of the cake with syrup too. Do not put more syrup it makes cake soggy. Let the cake be just moist.
3.Now put the whipped cream on first part (you can put cherries too) and then put the top part of the cake and put generous amount of whipped cream and decorate.
4.Decorate with grated chocolates and cherries.
5.Keep in refrigerate at least 4-5 hours.
6.Chilled tastes best.

Enjoy Eating....

Black Forest Cake
Do try and share your experience by comments here or my Facebook page
I would love to hear from you all :)
Happy Cooking....

Badam Phirni Recipe | How to Make Phirni/firni

Badam Phirni
This is traditional Punjabi recipe made from ground rice, milk,sugar and cardamom. I took a lot of time to realize that this is one of the easiest Indian Desert to make. Better Late than ever right :). There are many varieties of phirni. Today i am going to make Badam Phirni.

Oats and Sprouts Cutlet / Tikkis Recipe | How to make Oats and Sprouts Cutlet

Oats and Sprouts Cutlet
These Cutlets are made from Oats and Sprouts. This is very healthy snack to eat. After gulping so many food on weekend, i wanted something light and healthy food to eat. So here goes oats and sprouts tikkis to start a healthy week :)

Chilli Chicken Dry Recipe | How to make Chilli Chicken Dry (No Deep Fry Method)

Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is Indo Chinese Dish made by Marinating Chicken in sauces and deep fry(here i have not deep fried) and then tossed with chillies and sauces .
I love chicken and I love Indo Chinese dishes.. So what more I can wish on friday dinner :)..
So here comes Chilli Chicken...

ButterScotch ShriKhand Recipe | How to Make Shrikhand

Shrikhand is Indian  sweet which is very smooth and velvety in texture, made from hung Curd / Yogurt.
It's very easy to make dessert and super delicious. Its one of my favourite dessert.
We can make different flavours of Shrikhand like Elaichi(cardamom), Mango and many other.
Today I am going to make ButterScotch Shrikhand.

ButterScotch Sauce Recipe | How to make ButterScotch Sauce

ButterScotch sauce

Butterscotch sauce is made from brown sugar and cream. I love butterscotch flavour. So I made this sauce so I can use on ice-creams, cakes and other desserts.

ButterScotch Chips Recipe | How to make ButterScotch Chips

ButterScotch Chips
I always have a obsession towards butterscotch flavour specially for ice-creams. I wanted to make some dessert which is butterscotch flavour from long time. So finally I made these butterscotch chips to make shrikhand. Hope to make many more desserts of this flavour in future :).

Masala Papad Recipe | How to make Masala Papad

Masala Papad

Today I had no mood to spend long time in kitchen but wanted some spicy tangy food ;).
So Masala Papad came in mind and here goes quick and yummy 5 minute recipe.

Cheesy Corn Spinach Recipe | How To Make Cheesy Corn Spinach

Cheesy Corn Spinach
I always wanted to bake something with cheese and here comes cheesy corn spinach. Corn and spinach is baked with cheese and white sauce and it is absolutely mouth watering, delicious dish.
Once in a while we can eat cheese :)...

Chicken Curry Recipe (using coconut) | How to make Chicken Curry

Here I come with my first non-veg dish to my blog :).
Chicken Curry using coconut is one of the best chicken curry I ever had.Of Course it is mom style recipe so i just love to eat it always :). This is special dish of our native (Coastal Karnataka).
Eventhogh I started cooking after my wedding,i wonder sometimes I never cooked anything special for my parents these years.Whenever they visited me or I went home, mom used to cook good food and that's how i never realized..
But today I cooked this specially for dad :).Hope he likes it....

Chicken Curry (using coconut)


500 gm chicken(cleaned and cut into medium pieces)
1/2 cup Coriander leaves/Cilantro
2 Green Chillies
6-7 Garlic flakes
1/2 inch Ginger
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Salt

1 1/4 cup Coconut Grated (can use 3/4 cup grated coconut + 1/2 cup coconut milk)
2 medium Onion(roughly chopped)
1 1/2 Tbsp Coriander Seeds
5-6 Dry Red Chilly
1 tsp Oil

Garam Masala(clockwise in the pic)
1 Bay leaf
1/2 tsp Shah zeera
8-10 Pepper Corns
1 pod Start Anise
1/4 tsp Nutmeg powder
5-6 Cloves
2 inch Cinnamon Stick
1 tsp Fennel Seeds/Saunf
1 Tbsp Black Stone Flower/dagad phool
1/2 tsp poppy seeds/Khus khus
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds/zeera

1 Onion
1 Tomato(optional)
1 tsp Oil
1 Tbsp Lemon juice
Coriander leaves to garnish

Chicken Curry (using coconut)

1.Make a paste using ingredients under marinade.(Coriander leaves,Green Chillies,Ginger,Garlic)
2.Marinate Chicken with above paste,Turmeric and salt for 1 hour.

Chicken Curry (using coconut)

Meantime lets make Masala for curry.
1.In a wide pan dry roast the coconut and keep aside.
2.Now dry roast Coriander seeds and dry red chillies and keep aside.
3.Heat oil in the same pan and saute onions till brown and keep aside.
Chicken Curry (using coconut)

4.Now saute all garam masala for 20 seconds. Take care not to burn them.
5.Now Grind all above things together with sufficient water to fine paste in a grinder/food processor. Don't use more water.
6.Masala is ready.
Chicken Curry (using coconut)

Lets make chicken Curry now.
1.Heat oil in kadai. When oil is hot add onions and saute till brown.
2.Now add marinated chicken and coconut milk(if using) and cook till chicken is half done.
3.Now add ground masala and chopped tomato and cook covered till chicken is almost done.
Chicken Curry (using coconut)

4.Switch off and keep covered. Chicken will get cooked to 100% in the heat.
5.Add lime juice while serving and give a gentle mix.
6.Garnish with coriander leaves.

We can have this chicken curry with rice,roti/chapati & Neer dosa(which is very good combo with it ).
Chicken Curry (using coconut)

Enjoy eating :)
Do try and share your experience by comments here or my Facebook page
I would love to hear from you all :)
Enjoy Cooking....

Sabbasige Bassaru(Dil Leaves,Moong dal Rasam&Dry Dish)

Bassaru(in kannada) is a kind of rasam made by water collected from veggies.
It is 2 in 1 recipe for me. From this recipe we get rasam as well as dry side dish.
Have tried to explain in detail and i must say worth making it.
Its easy,yummy and most important healthy :). Who does not love healthy and yummy recipe?

Eggless Carrot Cake (No Maida, No Butter, No Eggs,) recipe

This is very healthy cake made from carrots, wheat flour and olive oil.(No Eggs, No Maida, No Butter).
One can eat without any guilt :).

Eggless Carrot Cake

I had loads of carrot at my home.So I wanted to do my favourite carrot halwa.But after eating so many sweets during ganesha festival
my hubby all of a sudden goes on a diet mode. He strictly said no unhealthy foods ;)..
So here goes my diet cake.I am sure it is healthy. right guys???

Veg Manchurian Recipe | How to make Veg Manchurian

Veg Manchurian is one of the popular indo chinese recipe which can be made as dry or as gravy which will go very well with fried rice.

Veg Manchurian

Veg Fried Rice Recipe | How to make Veg Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried rice is the simplest rice recipe which can be made with minimal number of vegetables.
Veg Fried Rice

Regularly it is made with carrots and french beans.I have added corns and capsicum can add your choice of vegetables.

Eggless Dates Cake Recipe | How to make Eggless Dates Cake

Eggless Dates Cake Recipe | How to make Eggless Dates Cake

Instant Chakli/Murukku Recipe | How to make Chakli (Murukku)

Chakli(Murukku) is crunchy snack made from rice flour.



This snack is made during many festivals.
We grown up eating this snack every now and then. My mom used to make this during festivals specially during 'Ganesha Festival'. Since this festival is next week my mom asked me yesterday that,what are u preparing for festival. This was pending from my todo list from long, so finally thought to make it for festival. Let Ganesha(God) bless everyone :).

Desiccated Coconut Recipe | How to make Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut is nothing but dried coconut powder where moisture is taken out.
It is used in many cookies,cakes,desserts and some other recipes.
It is easy to store and shelf life is long(around 6 months) compared to fresh coconut.
Lets learn today how to make it.

Palak Paneer Recipe | How to make Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is creamy based curry which is rich in colour and one of the tastiest Indian food.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer was the dish which we ordered always whenever we visited restaurants during college days :).This dish was something very special for us and unusual from hostel food which used to be rice items always :). So this is in favourite list from then .
Today when my hubby says to cook something healthy and tasty, palak paneer comes in mind and its ready for dinner :). Healthy means greens for me ;). Have healthy foods and stay fit :)

Eggless Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies recipe | How to make Eggless Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies

Eggless Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies

This is my first recipe here. Hope u all enjoy :)
I am in love with baking these days. So to start on healthier note here comes Eggless Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies.
These Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies literally melts in your mouth.

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