Mackerel/Bangade Fish Curry Recipe | How to make Fish Curry | Coastal Karnataka Fish Curry

This is typical coastal Karnataka style of making fish curry. Here the Fish is cooked in coconut masala (ground paste of coconut with other spices).

Coastal Karnataka Mackerel / Bangade Fish Curry

As we know fish is considered healthy food and being from coastal side of Karnataka, we always had fish for almost every meal.I love mom style of making fish curry.
So today bring here mom's recipe :).

Coastal Karnataka Mackerel / Bangade Fish Curry

2 Mackerel/Bangade(cut into pieces)
1 Cup Coconut grated
6 Red Chillies
1 tsp Coriander Seeds
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
6 Garlic Cloves
1.5 tsp Tamarind Extract (Juice from lemon sized tamarind) or 2-3 pieces kokum/huli
Water as required (approx 1/2 to 1 Cup)
Salt to taste
5 Sichuan pepper(green)/JummanKai(in Kannada) [optional]

1.Marinate the fish pieces with salt. (Optional)
2.Grind  Coconut with Red Chillies,Coriander Seeds,Garlic Cloves to very fine paste. Let it become very fine.
Use water as much required while grinding.
3.Add Sichuan pepper at the end and just grind for 4 seconds.
or else just crush it with little water in mortar pestle till juice comes out and add to masala.
4.Boil the masala with salt,turmeric,tamarind juice(/kokum) and water to required consistency.
5.When it starts boiling add fish pieces and cook for 5 minutes.
Don't over boil the fish. Make sure to add fish pieces only after masala starts boiling.
Do not stir the gravy vigorously , as fishes will be soft and can break.
6.Switch off and keep covered for sometime. More time you keep ,more the taste.
7.Serve with hot rice and enjoy.

1. I get Sichuan pepper(green)/JummanKai  from native. If you have it ,make sure you use it for fish curry. It gives special aroma to fish curry. But remember do not grind it, then it will give very strong flavour.
2. Add the fish pieces only after the gravy boils and  cook for only 5 minutes and switch off.
Fish will get cooked in the hot gravy. Fishes get cooked very fast.

Coastal Karnataka Mackerel / Bangade Fish Curry

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Happy Cooking....


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