Eggless Dates Cake Recipe | How to make Eggless Dates Cake

Eggless Dates Cake

Eggless Dates Cake

Dates Cake has special place in my heart...
When we came to our new home, as every girl do I wanted to fancy my kitchen with all gadgets i could buy.
Microwave was one of them.Thank god I bought it.That's how my baking journey started.
Since i got a microwave with convection mode I wanted to bake now.
After some failed attempts of initial baking, Google baba helped me to correct my common mistakes....
Dates cake was my first perfect yummy cake and after that i have baked this cake n times.
My husband who doesn't eat cakes started loving cakes....happy happy me :)
It's always a hit with friends and family...Bake it and surprise friends and family:)
This time I baked for newly wedded Friend. Writing on cake got melted but cake was super hit as always :)
Here it goes......

Recipe Source:aayisrecipes
She has explained very well. So I could bake this perfect cake :)

20 Dates
3/4 cup Milk
3/4 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Oil
1 cup All purpose flour(Maida)
1 tsp Baking soda
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1 Tbsp dry fruits(Almonds,Cashew,walnuts)

1.Soak the dates in warm milk.It will makes dates soft and easy to remove seeds and grind.
I usually soak overnight.For seedless dates you can just heat with milk for few minutes to make it soft.
2.Make a paste of Deseeded Dates,milk(which u soaked dates) and sugar in mixer grinder/food processor.

Eggless Dates Cake Step by step

3.Take two mixing bowls. In first bowl add Oil along with Paste and mix well.
4.In second bowl sieve the Flour(Maida),baking soda and Baking powder. using spatula/whisk mix these dry ingredients so that baking powder and baking soda mixes uniformly with flour.
5.Now Add the dry ingredients one tablespoon at a time to liquid mix that is to first bowl and mix gently so that no loops are formed.
6.Batter is ready. Time to preheat the oven.I keep Microwave in convection mode at 180 degree c and heat it for 8-10 minutes.
7.Meanwhile Grease the Cake mould with oil and then sprinkle the flour which will help to take out cake from mould easily.
8.Put the dry fruits first into the mould and then batter so that dry fruits will be visible at the top :).You can mix some dry fruits to batter too.

Eggless Dates Cake Step by step

9.Now put the Cake dish in preheated oven at 180 degree c for 35 min. after 35 min keep checking every 5 min until toothpick/knife inserted in the center of cake comes out clean.
10.voila...Cake is ready...But wait till it cools down.Keep on cooling rack for sometime....
11.Now you can demould the cake and do icing .I Made chocolate ganache icing on it.
12.Or you can just eat and finish it off and bake one more :)
Eggless Dates Cake Step by step


1.This Recipe measurement makes around 2 cups of Cake Batter .
2.Always fill the cake batter not more than  1/2 to 3/4 of mould.Otherwise it has possibility to rise and come out of mould.
3.How to check:I filled water in Cake Mould which was taking 4 cups.
4.So to put 2.5 cups of Cake batter to it, I have made 1.25 times the recipe.

Enjoy eating.....

Do try and share your experience by comments here or my Facebook page
I would love to hear from you all :)
Enjoy Cooking....


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